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Welcome to my blog


PENSION 60 NOW £200 per week petitition:






1950s born lady victim of pension age rise that began from 2013, raising women's pension age from 60 to 66.


Victim of reduce state pension when get it, from small print of flat rate, meaning most women and half of men don't get the full money even if have 35 years National Insurance history.

By Pension 60 Now, Jan 24 2018 02:03PM

On Monday 15 January 2018 sent Jeremy Corbyn to his House of Commons postal address, the front page of pension petition -

showing reached over 5000 signatures, with a covering letter reminding him that these are the state pension policies Jeremy Corbyn supported throughout his political career, which began in 1983 when first elected as an MP for Islington North, suburb in London.

Including in covering letter was a screenshot of what Jeremy Corbyn said in parliament in 1993 re state pension policies, when he was just an MP and not Labour Leader (elected as leader by members in 2015).

By Pension 60 Now, Jan 16 2018 10:00AM

Facebook is now blocking / calling SPAM many different pension campaign groups and petitions.

Blocking people for LIKE or SHARE too much, which is part and parcel of campaigning and trying to get petition signatures.


As blocked by Facebook, sent the front page of my 38 Degrees petition direct to Jeremy Corbyn's parliamentary postal address now that it had reached over 5000 signatures, with a covering letter.

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