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Prevent Burn Out Stress

Running a modern

Web business can be demanding.


As a result, some business owners stretch their employees as far as they can.


What they fail to realize is that working 40 hours per week is enough.


Any more and both the employees and the business could be harmed, startups included.


Productivity depends not only on working hours, but on intensity of work.

Workaholic Companies


Workaholic companies are machines that burn people out. They don’t care about creating teams. They exploit the enthusiasm of young people and dry them up. One indicator of a workaholic company is that its contractors rarely stay with it for more than a few years.

Fighting Workaholism - Modern businesses need strong teams, not overworked individuals



jeremy corbyn and john mcdonnel on junior doctor p

The 100 hour weeks of Junior Doctors, being made worse by the Junior Doctor Contract being threatened by government in NHS England (only, not on NHS WALES OR SCOTLAND) threatens Burnout stress into long term sickness absence.

OECD Better Life Index


UK is 23rd


on rating list

for work / life balance


The amount and quality of leisure time is important for people’s overall

well-being, and can bring additional physical and mental health benefits.

Burn Out workplace stress injury can take away

whole chunks of life's memory forever.


Symptoms include

loss of concentration,

chronic fatigue and

amnesia to simple tasks.


Burnout at extremes can never be recovered from.

Prevention is far better

than cure.

Stress is not understood by managers,

senior medical consultants, business owners in themselves or by staff.


So the first signs are missed to prevent total burnout.


Example from below article:

When a UK recruiting firm conducted

a survey of HR directors 2013,

80 percent said they were afraid of

losing top employees to burnout.






Having finished a client meeting at the Barbican one morning,

... found ... unable to remember how to get back to ... office. ...

... couldn't remember how to make coffee,

whether or not ... eaten a meal or

which key unlocked (home).. front door.


The memory loss lasted a couple of weeks before ... started to recover.


However, some self employed suffer full amnesia from such an event.





Lack energy even after a good night's sleep

and during the normal hours work day?


Negative thinking about work?


Too easily irritated by work



Success at Work, Failure at Home

a personal story found on the internet

One of the stated values at IronPort was “work/life balance,” but I clearly wasn’t living it. I was rarely home. And when I was home, well, let’s just say I wasn’t particularly helpful or cheery.


As IronPort grew, I was constantly on the road. There were times in a given month when I was gone 50-75% of the days. Even when I was home, I was usually in this brutal state of sleep deprivation and recovery from adjusting to yet another time zone.


I took about 18 months off in between IronPort and joining Andreessen Horowitz.


During that time ...With the help of my wife I essentially got

re-programmed and it has continued to work for us even though I’m working full-time again.


Planning and Priorities.


My wife and I have a weekly date night.


My son and I are in a fantasy football league together.


I cook with my daughters.


Most times these have become immovable appointments on my calendar.


There is a phrase—“truth in calendaring”—if something is important, then you must carve out time in your life to do it.


When my calendar reflects that I can’t do a meeting on Wednesday and Friday mornings before 9am, because I cook breakfast and drive a carpool, then it’s amazing how meetings just don’t get scheduled.



Dealing With Workaholism On Web Teams

Burnout Stress

Is Everywhere

stress affect on body woman overstressed

Burnout by executives and doctors, is the same as severe depression by anyone overloaded with work to breaking point. Memory cannot be accessed for daily tasks and you become frozen and needing to be looked after.


An Example Of a Self Employed Person's Burnout:


I remember coming home and curling up into a ball. I was so emotionally and physically exhausted, I couldn't even move.


My productivity was cut to nothing.


The next day at the office, I found myself just staring into my computer, for hours.

No movement, just staring.


Andrew Dumont, creator of, describing his first startup experience.

Just pushing through wasn't an option--

dude was burnt out.