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How Destress From Grumpy Boss

Taking his Stress out on you

Way To Release Pent Up Negative Emotion After Work

Journal Work  is a fun way to get out all the negative emotions that your boss has built up in you over your working day.


Write down a list of what bothered you about the boss that day.


With venom, rip the sheet of paper in half, then a quarter, and smaller and smaller with effort and then chuck in the bin with gusto.


This might also work about a work mate that irritates you, but you have to get along to stay in the job.


This releases pent up workplace stress.

Go to Gym

Beat The Boss in Virtual Fantasy

If you have a boxing ball in your exercise spare room,

put the bosses photo on it and punch the hell out of it.


This is provided by employers in Japan.


Keep smiling and be No Worries, No Problemo

in heartily agreeing with the boss's latest daft idea, and

enjoy your personal time at home

with these fun ways

to get rid of your pent up frustration

that could lose you

that great career opportunity and promotion

if given into at work.

Might Help Not In Getting Fired by Grumpy Boss?

stress affect on body