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Pension 60 men and women


£200 per week state pension


Increase from 60 to 70 per cent housewife / married woman stamp state pension




Granting state pension at 60 to men and women

after 30 years National Insurance contribution.

This is not a compulsory works pension age, unless by your contract anyway, already in law.



£200 per week state pension (2017 rate may increase) for all pensioner ages, regardless of SERPs opt out.  



Married women who only worked in the home, to keep state pension from their husband’s National Insurance contributions.



Increase from 60 to 70 per cent for

married woman stamp / housewife pension.



Age related further tax allowance of £5000 above basic tax allowance from 60



State pension to be linked back to men's average wages / triple lock by law for all pensioners.



War / military / veteran pensioners to receive service pension denied them despite contributions.



No Gurkha left on pension credit, but granted military pension.



Fight to protect works pensions against the likes of Tata Steel, Bhs and Monarch and the ilk.



Works pension age of 55 to firemen, paramedics, military, police, lady / gents carers, kitchen staff and cleaners, carpenters, construction workers and other manual trades.



Government / council works pensions to rise by inflation RPI not the CPI that is far below real inflation.



Basic Income to unemployed at JSA level. Not means-tested.



End Jobcentres, Work capability assessment system, ESA WRAG (sick benefit for unemployed).

End of the hundreds of billions wasted on the admin of benefits. Ends need for foodbanks for all.



Disabled / chronic sick Basic Income after diagnosed by NHS staff / GP and then becomes Life Awards.




End of Bedroom Tax.


Sheltered housing rent capping to state pension level.


Warden help in sheltered housing complex.


Sheltered homes made disabled friendly.


Better protection for Park Home residents, mostly over 50.


All ages, prefabricated single person bedsit homes to forever end homelessness. Social rent.


Fund Help the Heroes for ex-servicemen housing estates.



End of Income Tax, that the rich can avoid.


More stealth taxes upwards on the rich lifestyle on money they spend.


End of Car Tax.


End of Council Tax.

Replaced by local income tax and kept within local governments not sent to national government who then have to beg back their own money.


No emergency tax codes, no zero hour contracts and the right in law to go to the toilet during work hours. No unpaid interns and probationary period.


Trade union membership becomes compulsory for all in work, given tax allowance as with professionals who must belong to their association.



Use army medical staff and paramedics to do emergency care, using temporary buildings to start with.


Free Retraining of current employed university trained nurses and midwives into Junior Doctors, and turning nursing courses immediately into Junior Doctor courses (guaranteed placement of ongoing students). Solves massive shortage.



Free retraining of current employed Hospital Healthcare Assistants into ward-based trained nurses. Upgrades their salary and recognises their worth.



All medical retraining to include palliative (hospice care) and special requirements of elder care as standard, which include understanding Alzheimers (symptom Dementia).



The NHS will be owned not by government but by its patients, backed by hospital patient charters in law.



More hospital pharmacists, who alone will give medicines to patients.



No Work Visas required for ward-based trained nurses / midwives and Doctors from India and South Africa, where medicine is taught in English and who must have the final advanced exam in Cambridge English Proficiency.



Renationalise NHS without compensation to private firms so money can go direct to upgrading medical pay scales, retraining and recruitment, as well as direct patient care.



Abolish the Liverpool Care Pathway, and put it within criminal law of manslaughter.


Have USA style Veterans NHS hospitals for military injuries / rehabilitation / treatment of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). Use for PTSD victim civilians as well.



Councils become all unitary like they are in Scotland, without council leaders or ceremonial mayors, including Lord Mayors. Massive funding savings.



Social Fund in Councils becomesa daily feeding station for the poor while changes enacted to end the need for foodbanks altogether.



End of council education departments, with funds going direct to schools and opening more village schools and fully funding libraries. Needed after so many years of cut funding.



Reorganisation of Social Services and the laws around same, to make better targeted in funding.


Abolish Family Courts / Courts of Protection. Change law to kinship care only and not children’s homes / taken into care / fostering.  



The incredible exploitation like to British citizen Indian IT professionals unable to get jobs by companies importing Indian citizens from India and paying them less, will end.


All workers will be paid the same and have to belong to the relevant trade unions, so cannot be used to undermine pay and the terms and conditions of employment.

Not my idea but how the first Polish workers were treated after the 2nd world war as reminded to us by Dennis Skinner, Labour MP, in parliament.



That kind of exploitative immigration will stop. This also gives the nation time to thoroughly look at all National Insurance numbers to make sure no illegal has forged papers.



No council education offices.

Basic grade staff redeployed into more schools, especially village schools.


School Nurse returns.



Schools provide meals to children, free of charge.


School hours become 8am to 7pm, so to cover meal times. Volunteers by parents / grandparents working from home, to supervise.



English will become the Cambridge English Proficiency exams, with added spoken English / elocution to help foreigners speak globally understood English.


Home Arithmetic and budget book-keeping will replace GCSE Maths that will move to become Scientific Maths in with the sciences.


Arithmetic is pen and paper and mental arithmetic for domestic life. Back to make change in your head, work out how much paint and wallpaper you need, home and holiday budgeting, and such useful life skills.



England and Celtic nation geography, so don’t get lost with Sat Navs.



Discipline and good behaviour.


Easier to expel violent bullies.

Bullying in school not tolerated.



Karoshi (death from overwork) and Burn Out Stress will be taught in all college courses and in management courses.



The workplace bully drives away competent staff. The bully needs to be identified and be placed in lone working tasks, because that is where they thrive. A bully is a totally incompetent manager of people as they can only manage things. Use the workplace bullying support groups who have experienced bullying to work towards a dedicated clinic to treat victims in a holistic way.


Sickness diagnosed by medical professional, will not be punished by Human Resources office.



Renamed State Pension Fund


SPF becomes a Trust, with contract to each citizen.


NI Fund cannot have funds withdrawn by government as now.



Work towards Norwegian State Pension system of


from petroleum fund state wealth from their oil reserves.

Falklands Oil in our case?




Abolish National Insurance

Lower Earnings Level

so granted

National Insurance credits on all wages from first £1. 


Increase by 10 per cent between employer NI contributions and worker contributions on wages £80,000 and above. 


Merge calculation of

NI record between all

part time jobs, like income tax is done.


Minimum threshold returns to 12 months, down from 10 years as now.



No zero hour contracts.


Right in law to go to toilet during work hours.


No unpaid internships and probationary period.


Tricks to avoid employment law by private firms / government / council employers will end.


Work day reduced

to 6 hours plus 1 hour for lunch.


11 hour rest between shifts.


The 12 hour day makes people sick. The over 40s in constantly variable shifts or permanent nights get sick.


Overtime not used as an excuse not to employ people


Sick Leave will become a full right.



Trade Union membership compulsory for all workers, given tax allowance as do professionals who must belong to their assocation.


Trade union membership will have all workers told their full employment rights by the union, as well as being the members' advocate (not the employers') and paying for civil cases.


End of Employment Tribunals, which have become unfair to litigants as employer can afford barristers (top rank lawyers).  



Nationalised and becomes a co-op between managers and staff


Owned equally between:

- Labour Representation Committe LRC

- Momentum

- Grey Swans


Abolish BBC TV Licence

replaced by

BBC / Channel 4 tax


Sky, Virgin, Amazon TV and other private online television.


Forever ends the monopoly of Tories over media.


Gives the poorest pensioners a voice, as well as all ages.



To bring into use grandfathered / unpatented medicines below commercial profit.


Manufacture medicines in partnership with organic farmers / rare breeds trusts, as a co-op such medicines.


End Levothyroxine tablets and replace with the grandfathered dessicated pig's thyroid tablets, from the pig industry as a co-op between all farmers. Dosage / recipe worked out between world experts and the patients / patient advocate groups.


Bring unpatented medicines that, for example, reduce tumours yet cannot earn profit for big private firms.  




..."There's a hitch: dichloroacetate is an old drug and so cannot be patented. The upshot is that pharmaceutical companies can’t stop rivals making and selling it more cheaply, so it’s not worth their while to go to the huge expense of testing it in clinical trials.


This is not a new problem. Many drugs are left on the shelf because companies cannot make lots of money from them."...

Source Link 



RSPCA replaced by charities who rehouse and not put a healthy animal down.


Life Bans for animal cruelty.


All hunting banned.


Livestock compassion in farming.


Free range chickens. Grass fed livestock.


Greenpeace becomes part of government re environment / animals.

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